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The Mindfulness Practice

peaceful mindfulnessCome together in a healthy, nourishing community designed to bring clarity, direction and inner peace. By practicing loving dialogue, calming breathwork, and relaxing meditation, insights are revealed and spirit is present to move you into wise action.

The mindfulness practice is designed for anyone who cares about beginning, connecting and continuing inner growth work. If you are looking for more meaning, simplicity, focus, better coping skills. This mindfulness practice is for you.

The mindfulness practice is time to stop for a while, listen and touch what’s true.

Start your new year fresh with the 2018 ~ Keeping It Simple:Mindfulness Everyday Life

Dates: TBA, 2018
Time: TBA, 2018
Materials: Book purchase approximately $15
Class Cost: $15.00 per class

Keeping It Simple: Mindfulness in Everyday Life with Lisa Rosof is based on the easy-to-use book by Richard Fields, Ph.D., A Year of Living Mindfully provides 52 weekly quotes and practices. Prior participation is not required. These consecutive teachings help us to be less reactive, more compassionate and gentler with ourselves and others, less judgmental, less critical and more understanding of our own and others’ suffering.

Purchase of the book prior to class is essential. Purchase direct from the publisher at or by calling Diane at 1-877-63FACES.

For more information and questions, contact Lisa Rosof, 843-504-1057 or If you long for this kind of connection and community and/or want to participate please start with practicing the free Mindfulness videos. Please contact Lisa if you have any questions at 843-504-1057