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Your Private Therapy Time

We could start with the Mind

Sometimes the work looks like traditional psychotherapy where we sit together, just the two of us, or you and a partner to share whatever is on your mind and in your heart, in a private, sacred and confidential setting. I will listen and perhaps offer you some psycho-emotional education and guidance while together noticing your body subtly responding to thoughts and feelings. Guided self-inquiry helps to sense, soothe and soften toward how the mind body are relating to the feelings and thoughts. We could spend entire sessions reflecting on the amazing mind body connection without ever leaving the comfort of the chair.

We could start with the Body

The work could look like asana practice, you know, the traditional yoga postures from group yoga class. The difference is you’d have my one-on-one attention. And, often what happens on the mat is also what happens in our lives, so seeing it happening on the mat is a great place for that discussion, noticing connection and disconnection. Asana is also an opportunity to bring the mind deeply into the body focusing mind’s attention away from distracting thoughts to physical sensations, breathing; choice, acceptance and ease; relaxation, gentleness, and courage; and, strength, kindness, and mercy. Really feeling your body doing what it’s doing in the present moment, moment-to-moment, recognizing choice.

We could start with the Body/Mind

This might involve restorative yoga and/or a pure or creative variation ofPhoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Life challenges seem to drop away when practicing restorative yoga. The mind chatter ceases some, maybe a lot and the metaphysical heart often restored to a peaceful easy balance. Life doesn’t seem so difficult after restorative yoga. What’s left is a feeling of gentle, centered empowerment. All from the guided supported deep stretching and meditative awareness. Like a flower opening in slow motion – the time that lapses when letting go of efforting creates an exquisite blossom. Freedom, beauty, authenticity, spaciousness and ease are often the result.
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is another option for a full body experience. It can be a fascinating jaunt into the depths of the mind body connection. Unlike traditional counseling, it is a non-directive, totally self-reflective process. Provided is an unconditionally loving presence while supported in simple yoga postures. Mirroring and reflecting and mind body psychology are used to notice and deepen awareness. This PRYT work can be very relaxing and clarifying. Insight gained, new direction understood and galvanizing action.

For the Heart, Feelings and Dreams

Processing through movement, dream interpretation and soul collage is also a healthy, growthful way to creatively experience thoughts & feelings in the safety of free-form expression. It can be fun, timeless, evocative and encouraging.

Over time and frequently, the work that I offer is a combination of all of the above. I often give homework, no grades of course – simple suggestions for books, music, mantra, soul collage, movement, journaling, group yoga – beach and nature walks, solitude, meditation, 12-Step programs – the list of ways to care for the soul are myriad and personal. Together, we investigate and find ways into loving and wise living that work for you.

Please contact me when you’re ready. If you are ready now, go directly to The Getting Started link, press here.