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To gently and courageously provide the 21st century community the “how to” toolbox of practices and skillful means to live a life of ease, relaxation, greater compassion and happiness where suffering is reduced, the capacity to pause expanded and true inner freedom and power are realized.


As three independent women therapists, we have come together to share office space and resources because of our shared values and beliefs. It is our mission to empower people to progress toward greater health in mind, body and spirit.

We believe that the challenges of life, while often painful, can bring individuals an opportunity for growth and healing. As therapists, we encourage growth and healing by creating a safe and supportive space to explore issues and concerns.

We honor the uniqueness of each person we meet and believe in using holistic approaches that support mental, physical and emotional health. We look forward to talking to you.

Inspiration & History

Inspired by Kate Jacobson, a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga facilitator and licensed independent social worker in clinical practice, Litchfield Counseling & Yoga was born in 2006. Lisa aligned her 1999 startup Yoga at the Beach with Kate’s vision.

At the same time that fall of 2006, Martha White, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and Nancy Rubillo, LISW-CP licensed independent clinical social worker joined the team. When Kate and her family moved to another state in 2008, Martha, Nancy and Lisa continued the mission and vision for the group practice.

We all offer psychotherapy. We all offer blends of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and compassion practices. Martha is a skilled EMDR and EFT provider, while Nancy specializes in CBT and more traditional approaches. In addition, Lisa, MA is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.