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Lisa Rosof

I am here. And, it has taken many years for me to learn how to simply be.
Be Here Now.

Like the title of the seminal 1971 book on spirituality, yoga and meditation by the Western born yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass, Be Here Now summarizes my personal transformation from ambitiously pressuring myself through life to being gently present to the flow of Life. I am an artist, teacher and yoga therapist. I have learned how to creatively and authentically dance with the choreography of this body’s psycho-emotional and spiritual life.

I came from a "tribe" of very encouraging, regular people who believed that following one’s heart and living what you love were essential parts of living a happy life. From an early age, my mother supported me in becoming an independent, free spirit not worried about what others thought.

Grandma Gert and Pappa

My dad fostered charitable giving to others and making a contribution in society.
My maternal grandmother favored creativity and inspired me to find peace and joy in the natural world.
My father’s parents, a cardiologist and a dentist, gave me the courage to believe in the power of my intellect, the difference between curing and healing, and the tenacious heart to work through all obstacles.
From my uncle I have learned forgiveness and letting go and my aunt has been a teacher of perseverance, loyalty and honoring one’s spiritual path. My sisters continue to teach me how to live and let live.
My husband and beloved terrier teach me about presence, patience & love.

Mesmerized while attending Swan Lake in Miami, Florida, I knew when I was eight years old that dance would be my guiding force in life. I returned over and over to the comfort of the studio, the words of the songs, the melody of the music, the discipline of the barre, the fantasy of the performance, my body’s ability to be the bearer of pain, pleasure, tragedy and triumph. I did not attend football games, proms, sororities or parties. I danced. Conscientiously focused on what I loved, in the Carolinas and in a variety of prestigious locations in the South, the Northeast and the West. As a dancer seeking approval from how my body appeared, I developed a tough outer life that shadowed knowledge of how to work with my own fears and limiting beliefs.

While dancing professionally, I navigated a different landscape, shifting to the competitive academic environment of University of Nevada Business School where logic, athletics and gambling were king. At University, I stumbled into a yoga class unaware of its potential. Instantly riveted by its power to take me to an unexplored inner world Kundalini yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy programs and mentors provided the safe and loving space to reconnect with my lost self, listen to an inner voice and rest my attention in the truth. That conscious and compassionate attending began the fusion of inner and outer work, mind, heart and body, learned knowledge and intuitive wisdom. Earning a Master of Arts degree in Counseling helped to legitimize my work in more conservative settings thus making it more accessible. I have been awarded certification as a yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Lisa Rosof Boston, 1978

I have had the privilege of learning from a number of great wisdom seekers. This is a short list of the people that are or have had a profound influence in my life: Brugh Joy, Karen Hasskarl, Yogi Ji Kaur Khalsa, Deborah Milling, Joan Borysenko, Lois Wilson, Ruth Jacobson, Kate Jacobson, Martha White, Mark Nepo, Marion Woodman, Tara Brach, Harville Hendrix, and musicians, singers and dancers around the globe.

Today - as an artist, teacher and yoga therapist, reestablishing a body-mind-spirit refuge is what I most value. I celebrate the symbiotic relationship between traditional and innovative; rhythmic and still; centered and resourceful; spiritually creative and structured; and, the limitless glory of living a wise, authentic, playful, peaceful, stable, steadfast and strong life. Most of the time, I am here.